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                    Ordinary materials have a magical way of communicating with me,                                  often surprising me with their creative outcome.  Inspiration finds me in myriad forms and places, never predictable yet always invigorating.  Nature often inspires my art reflecting the unlimited variety of surface textures, patterns, and energy allowing me to bring the essence of the outdoors into interior spaces.  Amid the chaos of our world, my art becomes a vessel for expression, a means to navigate and comprehend the tumultuous events unfolding around us.  Early in my artistic journey, I learned the invaluable lesson of not merely looking, but truly seeing.  It's akin to viewing the world through the macro lens of the camera, where every detail holds significance and every idea carries weight.Through my art, I strive to capture a sense of the world around me,

to distill its beauty and complexity into tangible form.

The excitement of creating is ever present with me. 

New Directions...New Materials...New Techniques in Clay and Fiber Art

We are All Connected - II

The visual and tactile senses are an intrinsic part of my artwork

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