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New Directions...New Materials...New Techniques

                        Clay and Fiber Art

life - detail
The Leaf Catcher
We Are All Connected - detail

Showcasing a collection of my ceramic art


Enjoy living with your artwork

A Stand of Birches

stand of birches in situ.jpg


suspended in situ.jpg

We Are All Connected

connected in situ 1.jpg

Artworks created with a variety of materials and techniques

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                   clay                                             fiber and clay tiles                                 mixed media                                       fiber                                               seagrass                                        clay                   

Two publications, "Sculpture Techniques" and "Pottery Making Illustrated" featured articles about the process of creating the 48" high x 96" long

ceramic wall piece "Out of the Woods" installed at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lake Tahoe, CA.

The wall piece " Aspens in Autumn" is hanging in the lobby of the Hyatt Grand Aspen Hotel, in Aspen, CO.  Ceramic leaves hang on wires to flutter in the breeze.

Delta Airlines Sky Club, Denver, CO Airport

Aspen Triptych,

36"L 18"H

installed in the Delta Airlines Sky

Club at the Denver International Airport, Denver, CO. 

A comprehensive interview in "Ceramics Now", a beautiful Romanian publication, asks many thought provoking questions about my background, 

inspirtions and aspirations, and my career in ceramic art.  The article can be read here.   ceramics now 82  ceramics now 83

E15 The Wave.jpg
E15 The Wave.jpg
d3 The Unsung Hero.jpg
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