New Directions...New Materials...New Techniques

                        Clay and Fiber Art

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SERIES A - Nature inspired ceramics

A. Aspen Groove
A. White Caps
A. Birch Still Life
A. Against All Odds
A. Redwood Sanctuary
A. Redwood Teapot
A. Winter Whites
A. Bamboo Triptych
V. Vessel with Bamboo
A. Ebb Tide
A. Lichen
A. Birch Landscape

SERIES B - ceramic bark landscapes

B. Bark landscape - bald cypress
B. Bark Landscape - Mexican Grass
B. Bark Landscape - Palm
B. Bark Landscape -Pine
B. Bark Landscape - Madrone
B. Ebony Landscape 1
B. Ebony Landscape 2
B. Ebony Landscape 3

SERIES C - clay baskets

C. Treasure baskets
C. Fire
C. The Wave
C. Strength -
C. Southwest Basket
C. Woven
C. Earth - stability
C. Dream Weaver
C. Wind
C. Big, Round, Brown Basket
C. Tall and Proud
C. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water
C. Basket Weave Table
C. Brewed in a Basket
C. The Unsung Hero
C. The Artist and Her Art
D. Facets of Light
D. Facets of Light - A
D. Facets of Light - B
D. Facets of light - D
D. Fire and Smoke Leaves
D. Extrusions Bound
D. Clay & Twine vases
D. Ebony Moon
Candle Light pods
D. Lava Lights
D. Bark Candle Lights
D. Bark Vases


SERIES E - mixed media, fiber art

E. Camouflage
E. The Leaf Catcher II
E. Suspended
E. Suspended - in situ
E. Fire
E. We Are All Connected - I
E- Words Matter
E. Blowing in the Wind
E. Tied up in knots - Fake News
E. Tied Up in Knots - detail
E. Autumn Breeze
E. Falling Leaves - Necklace
E. The Undulating Flow of Life
E. Life - detail
E. Dialogue Dispels Differences
E. Dialogue... - detail

SERIES F - Wearable Art - Pins, Pendants, Necklaces

F. In Harmony - B - 2 views
F. In Harmony - A
F. In Harmony - C
F. In Harmony - D
F. In Harmony - G
F. In Harmony - H
F. In Harmony - M
F. In Harmony - K
F. Looped - Necklace
F. Ebony Ovals Necklace
F. Clay & Twine Necklace
F. Ebony Necklace